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      I want to open up the conversation a little more about medical marijuana within the FA community. This is an important topic that should be further discussed and more parents and patients should be encouraged to make their own decisions.

      Each week, I would like to address frequent questions I hear and open up the discussion to those who are curious. Please feel free to participate or send me a private message if you wish to be anonymous or submit a topic.

      This week, I want to talk about smoking devices and mechanisms with FA. For those who do smoke, we all have our preferred devices that we use and ways to inhale. From blunts, joints, pipes, Bubblers, bongs, volcanoes, vapes etc- we all have our favorites and ways we’ve adapted to smoking with FA.

      For example, I mostly use a bong at home. I also prefer pre-rolled joints. Side note: I’ve never been good at rolling, even before I became symptomatic so I have always preferred the work be done before I smoke.

      One way that I have adapted smoking out of the bong is no longer purchasing glass bongs and purchasing silicone ones. I frequently drop things, I think that Is something we all share and I have noticed life is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about breaking something you use every day. Bongs are really expensive so it has Saved me a lot of money and prevented a lot of messes.

      What are some of your preferred devices? What are some adaptations you have made to still be able to enjoy the process of smoking?

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      Patrick Bach

      Especially when i’m alone i prefer to vaporize my cannabis with my pax3 vaporizer. Compared with smoking(bong,joints,pipes) this has many benefits, like it is more healthy and the smell is not so intense.

      The pax3 is very easy to handle. It is pretty expensive but if you use it everyday i think it’s definitely worth it.if you don’t have the money i recommend a flowermate product or a cheap one

      Also i sometimes enjoy it while laying in the bed. I can feel my body relax much better and smokeing in bed is NOT A GOOD IDEA 😉

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      Pat Gallagher

      Get a good grinder to break the product down. I feel it’s like coffee, tastes better if you grind just prior to smoking. Rather than breaking a bunch up. It gets stale And harsh.

      Check out raw cones for prefilling/ packing a joint rather than rolling one.
      And they have a funnel you can buy to make it easier.
      It’s a form of my PT with hand eye coordination to pack or roll one up.

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      Oooh! Those are some great tips! Thank you @pgall1628

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      Jon Jacobsen

      I live in the state medical marijuana is illegal and the ridiculous lawmakers believe that you are committing some sort of crime. I can purchase things on the dark web, but is expensive and I can’t afford it.

      I would like to move to a better state, but can’t afford relocation. doctors prescribe medications with nasty side effects and think that’s the best way to go. A neurologist want to put a pump on my spinal cord that releases a muscle relaxer. I asked him what about using marijuana and his reply was “all that does is relax you”. Isn’t that the goal.

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      Do you recommend vaping? haha I agree with you about being in bed! I feel more relaxed!

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