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      People living with a disability have difficulty performing activities of daily living independently or even with assistance.

      Throughout the past few years, I found that I need to use a variety of assistive devices for safety reasons. For example, my main assistive device is a rollator. I feel it is easier to maneuver when I am focusing on my walking. For long distances, I use a scooter or wheelchair to help conserve energy.

      Do you use different mobility devices depending on the context? How does each device help you?

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      Karina Jeronimides

      Hi Christina,

      Yes, I used to until I started using an electric scooter full time.  And when that happens, it’s essential to have a spare and extra battery chargers.  Because stuff gets damaged and repairing them can take months.  So skip the stress I underwent living alone, working and raising two kids as a single mom!!



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        Having spare/extra batteries is a great idea! I’m always afarid of my power running low or out on me haha!

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      Thanks for this interesting information!

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      My husband has used a power wheelchair for mobility for almost 20 years. He has late onset which progresses very slowly.
      He requires an elevated toilet seat, gait belt, and grab bars to transfer. He uses a shower chair that reclines for bathing. He also requires bilateral bed rails and a trapeze bar for bed mobility.
      We have had many varied experiences with equipment, remodeling and caregiving.

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        Thank you for sharing your husband’s experiences! I’m glad you found wmany variations of works best for him!

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      Terence O’Hanlon

      Depending on how you categorise them, it could be said that I use countless assistive devices!

      I use a wheelchair in the house, a motorised scooter when out on my own, a manual wheelchair with lever drives when out with someone. I have a recumbent trike for self-powered exercise.

      Inside my home I have lots of grabrails to help with transfers. They’re assistive devices.

      My shower chair could be classed as an assistive device. Even the lanyard I use to hang my phone around my neck could. I could go on and on!…

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        I definitely could use the lanyard around my neck to hold my phone because I always find myself dropping my phone out of my control. Thanks for the tip!

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