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      Not sure if this is an FA problem or just a me problem. As someone who mostly uses a walker and sometimes a wheelchair, it is unlikely for me to get acrylic nails. I love the way they look but they get in the way of my grip and they always get damaged whenever I use a wheelchair.

      for the past couple of years, I have been keeping them natural and it seems to work but I’ve also been experiencing a lot more hangnails. Does anyone else experience this  problem? Do you find that you have to get manicures or some kind of maintenance on your nails regularly?

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      Becky cook

      Yes unfortunately I understand exactly what you mean, for some reason ataxia doesn’t like anything special you do look special it doesn’t like nails being done at all so about eight years ago I had to stop my nails looking fantastic and I just keep at natural because it hurts so much when you catch them and it gets worse when you are fully in a wheelchair don’t even get me started on wearing a watch!! Ataxia hates them a the amount of faces I’ve smashed is a joke. Hate the way it’s dictating everything can and can’t do so annoying that others don’t understand.

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      Acrylic nails?  whoevenhastimeforthat.gif

      My partner makes fun of me for having “sixty million nail clippers lying around everywhere,” which is a slight exaggeration, I just want to have a pair within reach as often as possible, so that I can deal with hangnails right away.  They’re annoying!

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