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    I have phillips sonicare they are brilliant as I don’t have to move much and my teeth are beautifully clean and feel clean. I am obsessed with my teeth I always have been because it is the only thing I am currently in Control of since I was about 14 I cleaned them for six minute but I was told not to by my Dentist and only do 2!!! But touchwood I…[Read more]

  • Becky cook replied to the topic Foot cramps in the forum Living with FA 2 months, 1 week ago

    i find two things help 1 ) drink loads of water ideally 1 litre a day 2) don’t touch caffeine switch to decaf, i was puscribed tablets from doctor but decided not to take them as once you start you had to gradually stop and i wasn’t happy with the thought of it after reading the advice that came in the Box as its not constant. I find i feel worse…[Read more]

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    • Hey Becky, thank you for signing up!
      Thanks for joining the FA Forums! I’m grateful that you signed up, because one of the most difficult part of FA to deal with is how rare it is — not many people seem to understand! So you are helping us create a place where people affected by FA can share advice and information directly with one another. Y…[Read more]