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      When I was in college, the goal was to work in sales for professional sports.I got diagnosed with FA one year after I graduated college. I feel like I have finally gotten a grasp on my mobility and pride so I want to start working again. I miss working- especially in sports. Do you guys think it’s a good idea.

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      Certainly, its a good idea. Plus you feel good to work again so go for it.

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      Matt Lafleur


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      Brian Rhodes

      I work more than full-time for a small business. For me, working helps me not dwell on FA/me/and what I am losing or have lost.

      I never feel a total grasp on my situation, and having work goals and deadlines has been very valuable in shrugging off self pity.

      I’m not going to lie: the fact I pull paychecks without financially dependent on anyone else or program sharpens the edge for me.

      I’m not saying those reliant on help/SSI/caretakers are inferior. Anyone dealing with FA everyday is tougher than nails.

      For me, the motivation of a career and the dependence of people on me financially helps bring focus to what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Having FA also helps me shrug off unimportant work barriers as trivial. “ie: You’re upset about the temperature outside?!?! Pfft!”

      In summary, having a job and working everyday has an important mental benefit when dealing with FA.

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