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      Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it’s a time to be surrounded by your loved ones and give thanks for all the positive things and people in our lives.

      I am most thankful for my amazing support system of my family, friends and coworkers. They help me get through each and everyday both mentally and physically. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to still live a full and independent life despite living with a disability.

      Who or what are you most thankful for?

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      I’m thankful for life even though there’s high and lows I thank God for life itself. Also because I have hope in Christ Jesus who died for my sons and rose again on the third day defeating death!

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      Family and friends the most.

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      Karina Jeronimides

      I am thankful for:

      Alexa, who turns on my lights and tells me the weather, when I can barely get my eyes open in the morning;
      the super-poles, without which transfers would not be possible safely and on my own;
      the myrbetric drug, that allows me to not have to use the bathroom every 20 minutes;
      my adjustable bed, which I can use as both a bed and a desk;
      my insurance that pays for my aides and motorized wheelchair;
      my job that gives me a reason to get up in the mornings;
      my cat that will give me a cuddle even when my 2 teenage daughters act like their dad/my ex-husband;
      the monthly glass of wine when shit hits the fan, the CBD oil from Charlotte’s web [ when i can’t sleep];
      the epidural injections, from my pain doctor, that make my spasms bearable while improving my voice…
      and the aides and PTs and STs and that one OT who showed my a trick to get out of bed…
      and the occasional friend [I have only a handful who are ver busy but are really excellent people] or an extended family member [I don’t have many at all] that will add cheer to my day.

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      @karina I love this!

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