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      Click here to find out why Sean Baumstark believes that proper rest is key to productivity.

      Do you agree with Sean? How do you like to rest and recharge?

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      Brian Rhodes

      I get it, the concept of proper rest and mindset is great. I especially like the ‘Whether you are resting or “doing,” allow yourself to be fully engaged in that moment or process’ quote.

      But I’ll counter this by suggesting many of us, using the ‘It’s my season of rest’ is a mental excuse to ‘give up’ for a period. Some people find themselves stringing together months and months of ‘rejuvenation’ only to be years down the road of progression and time has been lost.

      I know enough about the author’s achievements to know he is plainly not that type, nor is he suggesting a little ‘R&R’ be abused.

      But I’ll suggest (to me especially), the regret of ‘not using it and losing it’ is worse than the benefits of taking it easy and loving it a little too much.

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        Matt Lafleur

        I love that thought, that many times people use “time of rest” as an excuse.
        I’ll be thinking of that for a while. How do we differentiate between a legitimate time of rest and an excuse to not try our hardest, I wonder.

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