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      One of the best supplements that I take is collagen. I’m purely speaking from personal experience but I think there are some benefits that could help our community. Of course, consult your physician and see if this supplement is right for you. Everybody is different!

      Some of the things that I’ve noticed after taking collagen for over a year and a half is that my joints feel great, my skin feels amazing, my nails and hair are growing immensely and I definitely feel like it helped fix my leaky gut.

      The problem when people try new products is that they usually give up after the first order is finished or after a small amount of time. The problem keeps happening because we don’t give enough effort or time for certain things to work.

      no, I’m not saying to keep investing in a product that doesn’t seem to work for you but I’m saying we should be able to give things more time to see if they work.

      Have you ever heard of collagen are collagen peptides as a supplement? Do you take any type of collagen?

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