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      One thing I have noticed that has changed in the last few years is my sleeping position. I used to sleep on my side or I cant get comfortable in either position so I mainly sleep on my back.

      Is this common? Do you sleep on your back? What are some of the things you have noticed that changed at night?

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      I’ve always been a side or stomach sleeper. If I sleep on my back it hurts and I am sore and achy the following day. If I can’t get comfortable though, I tend to do stretches or breathing exercises that helps.

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      I sleep in a ball. Like if I was still in my mom’s woumb. I can’t sleep if I’m not in that position and I just feel comfortable in that position. If I pay on my back with my legs extended they fold on me it’s annoying because I’m almost asleep. I’m a crazy ass sleeper too so when I wake up I’m always in different positions.

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