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      Matt Lafleur

      Everytime I see a healthy-looking food or drink that has a lot of protein, my inclination is to get it.

      Not many guys want to avoid gaining muscle…

      But should I?

      I can see a problem for FAers    gaining weight from excess protein, but gaining strength is good, right? Admittedly, I know nothing about the effect it would have, if any, on the molecular level.

      What do you think?

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      So long as yoo exercise it off, can’t see the harm….

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      I agree with Egan.

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      Robert Rhodes

      Agreed with Egan as well.

      I have been using GNC’s brand of mass gainer for about a year and a half. (I’m underweight, if you can believe that.)
      With a rigorous job and additional exercise, I’ve gained a noticeable amount of muscle in my torso and arms.

      It is equally important to adjust the rest of your diet. I’ve eliminated all dessert and fried items.
      No additional butter. No soft or energy drinks either. Replaced that with fruit, nuts, any other healthy item.

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      Not to bring up religion but Bible says and knew thousands of years ago…. Everything in moderation. Eat what you’ll use. As someone who always was into my health through over 30 years in martial arts. Even obese people should eat plenty of protein and carbs. It Helps your energy. Diets kill. Eat right and get off your “behind” so to speak. Disabled or not it still applies. Only one disease I know of that protein is bad for, PKU (my cousin has it and can’t eat protein). It, in him anyways, presents itself like cerebal palsey, he is 46 now and has 4 kids. My best friend since he was born. Which by the way, martial arts helped him an amazing amount. Before he started training he couldn’t run or ride a bike. Within his first year of training he was doing both and his coordination was greatly improved.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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