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      Well, it’s the first medical marijuana Monday of 2020! Happy to be here and I hope we can dive deeper into this topic.

      When it comes to FA, one of the biggest things affected in our bodies is our muscles. They are not able to develop and regenerate like others, especially if you were diagnosed at a younger. It kind of feels like you have no control over what goes on with the muscles in your body and they do what they please.

      I’ve been having a lot of muscle cramps lately. Usually I get them sporadically and it’s manageable but this week has been intense. The past three nights, I have been woken up and awake for hours because I get the biggest cramps in my feet or my legs.

      The only thing that has truly helps is CBD oil and marijuana. Smoking helps me forget that it’s happening and I am able to relax a little more. CBD oil helps with any inflammation and does the work from the inside.

      What are some methods that you use with marijuana to help with muscle pain?

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      Jon Jacobsen

      I would like to know if you have experimented would dosage levels and type or brand of CBD oil. I have the same problems and what type of smoke would help

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      @nostradomis I use Sooth CBD gummies to help me sleep at night. I take one at bedtime and I sleep throughout the entire night!

      Nano CBD Gummies

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      Wendi Price

      What form is medical marijuana? Not interested in smoking it. My daughter has FA. I have chronic pain. My understanding is that it is only a same amount of THC. I have tried CBD oil for myself but did not find it helpful (no THC). Alison won’t use the oil. I tried to give her a couple of drops and she coughed and gagged.

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