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      So. I finally went to my general doctor and for the first time in my life, my cholesterol was high. Not by a tremendous amount but enough to tell me that I needed to change some things.

      Over the past 2 years, I’ve put on weight. About 20-30 pounds. I workout a lot but my diet has been trash.

      Does anyone year deal with high cholesterol? What are some lifestyle attacks that you have?

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      Yeah i do also. My diet isn’talmi that bad but I can make it better. I don’t eat any candy or drink soda and I avoid processed foods. Instead of eating lunch I drink green shakes and eat almonds, cashews or peanuts. It’s a pain in the ass because I recently had my a1c checked and it’s 8.4. Three months ago it was 6.1. I have sacrificed not eating peanut butter cups just so my a1c gets higher. SMH

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      Ok I have had high lipids for a very long time. I tried diet and weight loss yet it continued to climb. It’s genetic so if your parents have it, you’ll likely acquire it as well. I was put on Lipitor 20 mg at night and it has dropped my levels to normal. Good luck!!!

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