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      For New Year’s Eve, my husband Justin and I have our own tradition every year. We like to stay in, order Chinese food, have some champagne and watch the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special on TV. We do this to help conserve me energy and to avoid anxiety with the crowds and potential comments made by the public. We’re perfectly content being comfortable at home.

      In what ways do you celebrate the holiday? Do you factor in FA?


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      Happy New Year to you and Justin! I love traditions like that, nothing beats staying at home with the one you love.

      My parents and I always go to a close family friends house. They have a large family but the party is still relatively small and a lot of fun. We do this every year but I know in the future when I am using my chair, the house won’t be as accessible.

      In all honesty, sometimes it’s a bit morbid to think about. But for now, I will enjoy what I can! Hope everyone had a fun New Year’s!

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      @frankie-perazzola Happy New Year as well! Your tradition sounds like a fun and relaxing time too! Yes, I know it is hard but try not to worry about the future and be be in the present!

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