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      Obviously, there are a lot of factors that contribute to maintaining a career when having FA. What troubles have you experienced when searching for a job or deciding on a career path?

      For those of you who have jobs, what do you do? How have you adapted to work life? Or, how has your job adapted to you?

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      Oh, am I the first commenter here! I hope there will be a good tqlk about this important subejct.I was diagnosed at 31 so I had already started my career a while back. When the symptoms really started to trouble me I had to adapt the work around me. Let go of some tasks and get good at new tasks. Ten years after the diagnosis I still work full time but my work day looks much different now. My education is physiotherapist but today I work mainly on a computer.

      There is so much we can do even if the body is not cooperating. I don’t really know what to say next ūüėõ It’s such a big topic and I can go on forever about it. I’m curious about others experiences.

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