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      For my full-time position, I work in hospitality and am constantly answering incoming calls since it is a customer service-based role.

      Within the past year, I have noticed my speech increasingly becoming slurred. I also have to use energy to speak and make myself understood.

      Has anyone experienced this? How do you manage this FA symptom?

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      Ray Cotton

      Hi, Christina, I was experiencing some slurred speech. I hired a speech therapist thru Stanford which has been helpful. My key takeaway has that most problems surprisingly come from a lack of breath control and having enough oxygen to complete sentences.



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        I agree about the breath control! Sometimes I feel it takes so much energy and strength to get my words out.

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      Becky cook

      My speech is definitely a lot more slurred when I am tired so if you’re working in hospitality maybe a bar for example and anything after say 9 pm might be difficult. When I was working in a call Centre I was referred to a speech therapist who said keep things brief don’t say 25 words wen 10 will do and sometimes you don’t need to say very much, it’s difficult well first but after a while believe me it gets easier, there were certain words such as my mum I couldn’t say so instead of my mum I would say mother   . Xx

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      Thank you for sharing your story @becky1977! I’ve also been saying less/finding alternatives to get my message across and it has been helping.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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