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      I think we have all been there- people insist on helping out which can sometimes just make the situation worse. For example, whenever I approach a door with my walker, I have to stop, adjust my body position and open the door. I love when people open the door for me but it can get dangerous if I’m already holding the handle.

      I have to use most of my body weight on the door to open it so when I am already in motion to open it and then have someone grab and pull the door from my  hand, I most likely with trip and fall. How can I be polite and say no?

      Does this happen to anyone else? What kind of experiences have you encountered?

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      This has been happening to me lately. I have been appreciating the help because I am finding it difficult to walk steady and balanced with my rollator. But I completely understand the need for you independence and wanting to do things on your own. I would suggest saying “I truly appreciate your kindness and offer to help me, but I would like to do this on my own”.

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        Haha if only I could speak that fast. It generally happens pretty quick and before I even notice but thanks for the advice!

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