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      Hey everyone!

      I wrote an article about becoming a god mother and what it means to become one. Needless to say, I’m simultaneously working on restoring my faith. I wrote this letter as an insurance policy Incase FA takes my speech or something else happens to me before she grows up. What do you think?

      Click here for article

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      Great letter. Great advice.
      How many healthy people out there complain about stupid little things and get depressed and angry. If they only knew how good they have it. My wife can’t hardly do anything anymore and has a real hard time speaking and gets frustrated when she has to constantly repeat herself. But still she keeps going on. I try my best to get her to new places and see new things to keep her upbeat. So far it’s working well.
      People around her had her blaming God for the way she is, before I met her. I’ve managed to turn that around by telling her the truth (that God can heal you but that doesn’t mean he will). Things people do is what no doubt cause most diseases/disorders. To blame God is like blaming your pencil for failing a test in school. He didn’t do this to you. He doesn’t want this for you. He told us how to be healthy and to prevent these diseases/disorders, We choose to not listen,WE get the consequences. Like children not listening when told not to do something and they turn around and do it anyways. Pay the consequences, pick yourself up and go on. Walt Disney “keep moving forward”.

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      Wow! Excellent!!!👌👌👍👍

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