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      Great friendships come and go throughout our lives but we all have that constant friend who sticks by our side no matter what.

      How is your relationship with your best friend? Does FA affect you in anyway with your friendship? How did they take the news?

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      My best friend at the time, dropped me like I was a bag of garbage. Hurts like hell, but it needs out those who aren’t genuinely there for you & shows you who is. My circle is very small now. I don’t let people in so easily anymore.

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      Karina Jeronimides

      My older sister was my best friend. When my ataxia reared its ugly head, she mistook it for an attempt to take the center stage. As a middle child, one is often ignored. Anyways, she was mean to me, and a huge gulf still exists between us. She doesn’t get it, has put me down so much out of complete ignorance, and is too busy to see me more than 4 times a year even though we live 10 minutes away. Then my younger brother had similar symptoms, that quadrupled in time in comparison to mine, and my father was horrible with him. So I was never the center. My family moved around so much, we lost touch with almost every friend we had while growing up. Like my brother, I do not have a best friend. It’s incredibly difficult to make time for others when one is running so much to make up for one’s FA, and when normal people are so incredibly busy. When one has FA, you just have to be so incredibly selfish with one’s time. There is also the problem of knowing you ares a burden, and believing that others would just not be interested. But my daughters and my students are beginning to surprise me.

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