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      I know that we have previously discussed marijuana and the affects it has on FA. Most people on here use a form of CBD oil for their symptoms and that’s wonderful. But what I would like to know more about those who smoke or eat it.

      Do you prefer edibles, drinks or smoking?

      If you smoke, what mechanism do you prefer? Does it make it easier to handle?

      What strain do you like more- Sativa? Indica? or Hybrid?

      My personal preference is smoking, joints-pre rolled and sativa

      What about you?

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      Patrick Bach

      I am using cannabis to treat the symphtoms of my FA since 3 years now and it works amazeingly well. I think basically it helps me and my body to calm down and not to strictly concentrate on every movement i make, which leads to less spacism, better controlled movements, less pain and many more things.

      I definitely prefer to vaporize my cannabis. That means instead of burning it, i heat it up to like 190 degrees and just breathe in the air. Its very simalar to smoking, but much more healthy 😉 sometimes i like to smoke joints that prepared my friends or i by myself with a simple rolling-machine.
      also i use different oils like cbd oil from the doctor or a self-made cannabis-coconut-oil with potent thc-cannabis.
      The effects hold much longer, my own oil like 8 hrs.

      My favorite Strains are sativas. but i like indica too.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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