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      Whether you have a trike, hand cycle, you like the stationary recomment bikes at the gym or whatever it may be, you can find a way to adapt and keep riding a bike.

      Because I still have use of my legs, I have a recumbent tricycle that was custom-made for me and my body. This helps tremendously with my independence and I love being able to have a hobby that requires minimal help from others.

      Do you have a bike? Trike? Hand cycle? If so, how often do you ride? If you don’t have any of the above- Would you be interested? Would you want to get into bike riding again?

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      I have a stationary recumbent bike to use in my apartment when I can’t go outside. But when it is nice out, I like to ride my Catrike recumbent trike ina local park! I agree that it helps regain independence and freedom back as walking becomes more difficult to do.

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      I would be down to have a bike and ride. I tried for the first time at rideataxia socal2020. It was a workout but it was fun.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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