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      When it comes to working out, it can already be tough enough getting motivated to go to the gym. When I first started working out, certain factors deterred me from the gym. I still have my hesitations about a few things when I am at the gym but I don’t let it stop me from going.

      For instance, I am intimidated by going over to the free weight section. That’s typically where all the men are and bodybuilders pump away. I think it’s because I don’t like when people get impatient with me and that happens a lot at the gym. I take my time and I know most people probably wouldn’t care but it has always kept me from that section.

      Do you go to a gym? Do you have any hesitations or concerns about attending the gym? It can be anything from arranging a ride to not feeling safe on equipment to weather conditions?

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      I have a stationary recumbent bike in my apartment that I use regularly. I also perform my physical therapy exercises at home. I do both to avoid going to a gym and it is more convenient.

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      Lichi Daniel

      This year I started to intensify my exercises. I do 7 km in the morning with my medicine bike and some exercises: genoflexions, etc. In the evening, I walk 5 km. I mention that I am at the beginning with FA, until last year in the summer when I made a rupture at the ligament I could run. I try to wright, I can do that but not so good.

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