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      Brian Rhodes

      Hello all!

      I’m a 39 year old male diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 18 (in 1998). DX’d with FA in 2009.

      I am still pretty mobile, using a wheeled walker, and at present a wheelchair. I’ve got lots of kids and a great wife who like to keep life active.

      I am in the chair because I recently fell and messed up my ankle and bummed up the other knee. Both injuries together make walking not possible! I’m stupidly prideful and like to think ‘mind over matter’ is valid and I should just suck it up and ‘grit it out’, but after three weeks in this chair – I know ‘pride’ is just another name for ‘vanity’. Yeesh.

      So my question: how do you know your limits? Especially in regards to progression. When do you make ‘the call’ that driving a car is not healthy, or that you belong in a chair/not a rollator?

      I greatly respect you all. I know the utter frustration of this disease and how it holds us back.

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      I know the frustration of FA Brian. Your not alone man. For myself 4 years ago I was healthy enough to drive. Physically I was ready to drive but 4 years later my eyes are giving me trouble to see. The issue is not that bad but it’s best I don’t drive. Your limits will come to you, be aware of your physical limits. It’s hard not to be stubborn but be humble. Listen to your limits their for your good

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