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  • Accessibility at beaches

    Posted by Frankie Perazzola on September 16, 2019 at 3:00 am

    The beaches I have been going to in Italy are way more accessible than the ones back home in Southern California. It’s incredible and disappointing to realize this. They have pathways down to the water and are extremely helpful.

    Have you been anywhere foreign that had an extremely accessible beach? How are the beaches close to you?

    Clester replied 4 years, 8 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Clester

    September 17, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    Some of Michigan’s beaches have walkways out close to the waters edge.
    Just came from Clearwater Beach in Florida and for free they have beach wheelchairs available. My wife for the first time got to get in the ocean(gulf of Mexico).
    Extremely beautiful beach. Guess that’s why they call it America’s most beautiful beach. Pure white natural sand, breathtaking sunsets, 95 degree midday sun and can still walk the beach barefooted. Lol

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