What Life Is Like With Friedreich’s Ataxia

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Unless you live with Friedreich’s ataxia, it’s hard to really understand what daily life is like with the genetic disease. It’s incredibly important that patients, caregivers and medical professionals continue to talk about FA, in order to keep raising awareness of this life-changing condition — which is exactly why videos like this one are so important.

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Like many of those living with FA, Vladimir Ayriyan was diagnosed when he was just a kid. While the disease hasn’t broken his spirit, it has changed his life. He’s now confined to a wheelchair and requires help from his family to complete daily tasks, including getting out of bed, getting dressed in the morning and going to the gym.

It’s not only Vladimir who’s been affected by his diagnosis. His parents and his sister explain what their lives are like now that they’re caregivers and how they’ve managed to keep life as normal as possible for Vladimir’s sake and theirs.

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