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      Recently, a well-meaning stranger told Kendall Harvey she’s “too young to need a walker”, an ignorant but oblivious comment. Recognizing that life is hard enough without snapping at unsympathetic strangers when they make unintentionally rude comments, Kendall writes about choosing to use this experience as an opportunity to remember that being bitter about how unfair life can be is a choice — and a waste of time.

      Instead, Kendall writes, “I am trying to make the world a more positive, accepting, brighter place. I want to make the people I encounter a little bit sweeter. So, I chose not to snap back in bitterness that day.” Read more from Kendall here.

      How do you handle ignorant, oblivious comments liek the one Kendall encountered? How do you stay positive in the face of life’s challenges?

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      Matt Lafleur

      This is such a hard topic for me. I know that encountering someone with a rare condition is not something people are used to, but it really bums me out when they are insulting (even if they don’t mean to be). I try to be patient, but I can easily get hot-headed.

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