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      If you could change any system that you experience with FA, what would it be

      For me, I can’t stand being so fatigued and tired all the time. It affects my overall mood and how I function throughout the day. I’d rather change this over my imbalanced walking.

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      Christina D

      I would change walking. Now that I am always in a chair I can no longer visit friends, I cannot walk up steps to their front door. I cannot walk upstairs to my children’s rooms. I cannot visit shops/museums/parks because I need assistance in the bathroom and most public restrooms are gender specific. Although that is getting better. I can’t walk thru my yard or pull weeds. When I was imbalanced I could hold a stair rail/arm/bar and navigate uneven terrain. Even though I am always tired I think I could deal with that. Not being able to walk means not being able to do much. Unless I spend lots of money on adaptive devices.

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      @tina1995 I understand your difficulty and and frustrations with walking. I wish the world could be more of an adpative place!

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      Definitely walking for me too – I feel like I would have a lot more energy if just moving around didn’t take so much effort.

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