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      Does anyone have vision impairments due to FA?  If so, can you sbare what you do to manage it?

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      My little brother sadly went blind a few years back. Scary as hell!

      My eyesight is cruxial to me, as I spend much of my day internet surfing, so my advice: TAKE CARE OF THEM!

      I take lutein, eyedrops, an eyelid cleanser, screen breaks every 20 mins, and set fonts to 125%.

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      @emandreck that is scary about your brother and I am very sorry to hear that!

      I like your suggestion of making the font bigger, I am going to try that!

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      Ralph Smith

      Xy Mia has challenges with Eyesight that come and go. Mostly goes, smh. She tried to describe is like when Google blurs someones face on the internet for privacy reasons. But everything looks like that, not just the face. Remember, the eyes themselves are not affected by FA. It’s the nerve thinning. So it seems that the messaging to the brain gets worse and worse. Until one day, that connections is broken? Does one eye go before the other? Maybe Egan know how it was with his brother and can tell us.

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      Srikanth Menavalli

      During my recent visit to ophthalmologist, I was said that I had perfect vision 20/20 but I said that I have a problem with the low light walk, for which my doctor replied that it might be because the neuromuscular disease I have.I am doing nothing very special to manage this, but I genuinely feel that meditation is helping me (I started meditating just a month ago).
      I FEEL MEDITATION IS GOOD FOR FA’er. I request everyone to give a try.

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      As I understand it, it was very gradual. He’d have pain in his eyes, but this being a relatively new symptom, only eyedrops were used to relieve the pain. After some time, he lost his peripheral vision (like a horse w/ blinders).
      After that his tunnel vision narrowed. Now it’s just blurs.

      Lutein may have helped…

      One silver lining is that his optic nerve is still attached, so perhaps one day….

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      Lichi Daniel

      Hello. I could not say that I have vision problems. I even did a check in the right eye and in the right eye I have -75 but it’s ok and in the left eye I am very good. Instead I have very big problems walk into the dark.

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      @daniellichi I have issues in the dark too. I have nightlights set up in my apartment in case I have to get up in the middle of the night

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