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      I work for a Local Authority and I’m helping support someone in the 30’s with FA.
      I’d love to hear from anyone with FA who has experience of using technology to help maintain their indepedence. It doesn’t have to be advanced technology, just so long as it works for you.
      Many thanks

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      jacko Cardozo

      a smart home

      I use, “philips hue” light bulbs, you could also set up the house for other helpful, smart phone enabled things, like electric curtains, bluetooth power sockets and such.
      This means the affected person doesn’t have to physically turn the light switches or close/open the curtains/ door locks/ thermostat/ music/ kettle/ etc…

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      Thanks Jacko, that’s good to hear

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      I’m interested in all types of technology, from the very basic (easy grab door and cupboard handles) through to more advanced stuff like eye-gaze technology. I’d like to hear real-world experiences of any tech (the good, the bad and the ugly!)

      For example is theer sometime you wouldn’t be without, or something that promises much but doesn’t deliver?

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