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      Lately, I have been noticing my speech has been getting worse, it’s becoming tiring to find my words or get my words out and I experience shortness of breath.

      Does anyone else experience this? What tactics do you use to prevent these things from happening?

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      Grant Lile

      I as well have this problem. Not always, but sometimes I feel as if my tongue is getting in the way of me speaking. When this happens, I try think about what I’m going to say and choose my words carefully, so I don’t have complex sentences to speak with difficult words to pronounce.

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      Christina D

      I do what Grant does. And, make sure I have the person’s attention by using their name & pausing until I am sure I have their attention. I’m also less vocal than I once was because I have to repeat everything.

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      My family notices so they often help so I’m less stuck. Most times I just need to lay down.

      As for the winded part, get your iron checked. Mine was critically low which made me exhaust faster h

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      @grant-lile @tina1995 @cheryl-browning these are all great suggestions! Thank you so much.

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