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      Matt Lafleur

      This is me and Zeego on my new couch.


      I love having zeego. The only aspect I didn’t plan for is that he sheds. A lot.

      I’m covered in the white fur of my good boy. Any tips for helping me? I brush him often but still…

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      Ryan Slade


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      Dylan McDonnell

      I have dalmatians so I know the agony. 1st off don’t call it dog hair, it is dog glitter. You are right on the brushing, do that as much as possible. Get lint rollers and Dyson makes a great vacuum. Check with your veterinarian and to make sure it is not a medical issue. There are supplements that help and special shampoos as well.

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      My home is getting a young German Shepard before the year’s end. A costly one. Yay. We already have 3 ferrets, 2 tarantulas, and a snake. I don’t even actually like animals, but the wife and son do. So after some mental gymnastics, I found a reason for a dog.

      The goal(s) is that my son (11 years old) gains more responsibility, the practice of training an animal, and a strong commanding voice. Plus, he (and my wife) really want a dog. I’m more like, whatever — it’s more expenses, but it’s probably gonna make ’em happy and serve a purpose. Fine.

      Anyway, everything is being planned: feeding an animal that’ll grow to around 100 lbs., training techniques, training regimen, health insurance…and shedding. Yeah.

      My son’s allergic to pet dander. And he’s always refused medication for it. I warned him, though. “You think the ferrets’ shedding is a nuisance? The dog will be way, way worse.” But his want (and why) for this dog is so strong (which is good) that he’s agreed to vacuum regularly and eat allergy medication. Okay, really? Maybe I’ll like this.

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