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  • Clester

    August 6, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    What I’ve been through I can say that there is no comfort that can be given other than actual help and in my case has been almost none from anyone in any way. Except the love of my wife. For several months that I couldn’t be with her because of her family I was ready to end myself on several occasions. My wife brought me back each time. At least in my case not a single soul gives a crap at all about me or my wife, of course they say they do. But actions speak louder than words. My son is the only one who has helped and he lost a good job in doing so. Her family’s help has only consisted of making things worst in every way they can.
    I tried reaching out to a “therapist” /counselor and the only thing she had to say after showing her proof is that she has seen people go to jail for less in the case of what her family has done.
    But that would make things even more stressful for both of us.

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