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      Matt Lafleur

      I asked about ankle weights before, but last week my friend who is a physical therapist asked if I ever considered wearing ankle bracers. I hadn’t and asked him if he thought I should look into that. He didn’t have an opinion one way or the other.

      Are you guys familiar with ankle bracers? Do they help you? How?

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      My feet and ankles — I HATE ‘EM. I’m trying and trying and trying to strengthen ’em with certain exercises. But braces might be a good plan B.

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        Matt Lafleur

        Definitely the easiest body part for ataxians to hate.
        If I know you, you probably rigged an unconventional exercise to work on your feet/ankles. Am I right?

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      I wear them. Have been for years ever since I noted that my feet were starting to curl. They’re really helpful! Plus the added weight of the plastic helps root your feet to your chair’s footrests.

      Add on a set of ankle weights, swing out the footrests, and you’ve got a leg extension exercise. Great for my thighs!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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