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      One of the biggest reasons I indulge in smoking marijuana and using THC hast to deal with managing my anxiety. When I first started smoking in high school, that wasn’t the reason I fell into that lifestyle. I simply just liked getting high.

      Things changed with experience and maturity. I am thankful I can look at it as a treatment aspect now.

      One thing that I have noticed with smoking is that I have to do it when I know there will be minimal movements. For instance, i used to smoke before social gatherings and stuff like that to help calm down my anxiety and that stupid voice in my head. However, I noticed that it slow down my reaction process and physical capabilities Which made my anxiety even worse.

      I thought that I would have a lot more trouble going to the public gym or anywhere else in public after I made that realization. I couldn’t be high and work out, although my brain was fine and it relaxed me, my movements were even more awkward and I felt I had to try harder.

      Now, instead of doing it all the time, I only smoke at times of relaxation. For example, when I get home or Lang in bed about to go to sleep, that’s the best time for me.

      What about you? Have you noticed a change in your body when you are high? For those of you who don’t smoke, are you curious about treating anxiety with medical marijuana?

      Share your stories below and you never know, someone else could be going through the same thing that you are.

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      Lichi Daniel

      Marijuana or tobacco make me to be slow in coordination.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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