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  • Easy exercises during travel

    Posted by Frankie Perazzola on September 20, 2019 at 9:00 am

    I have been on vacation for almost 3 weeks now and still have another week to go. Between taking tours, non dependable Wifi to look up my usual at home exercise videos, and staying in the moment with my family, fitness and exercising has definitely taken a back burner. However, I know the importance of staying limber and doing what I can, realistically.

    I brought both my walker and wheelchair so I do have the option of both. Most of the time I use my chair because we go long distances but I walk around our houses and walk to places that are close enough to where we are staying. I make sure to stretch everyday and Ill do my own type of water aerobics at the beach.

    Does anyone else have any exercises they maintain on vacation? If you do, please share!

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