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      I was due to have my annual checkup appointment with my neurologist the end of this month. However, I  just found out that the in-person visit of neurological and heart testing portion is now delayed for at least two months because of the coronavirus.  I was disappointed because I like to see how my progression is measured year after year and I like to hear any research updates from my doctor himself. This year, the clinic is doing phone calls to collect data and will reschedule an in-person hospital visits.

      Has anyone else had trouble with keeping your doctors appointments? How have you been coping with it?

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      I was supposed to fly out to a hospital in another state for the initial screening visit for a clinical trial in mid-April. I haven’t heard yet that’s it’s cancelled, but I’m guessing it probably will be… and if not, I’m going to have to make a hard decision about whether it’s worth it to break quarantine fo a 50% chance at getting the real drug.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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