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      Matt Lafleur

      This isn’t the coolest thing to admit. In the dating world, confidence in yourself is pretty much the foundation of attractiveness.

      But having confidence is still an area I struggle in. I write a whole column that explores the need of confidence, both for others and for myself, but I’m still not the strongest in that area.

      As a single guy, I don’t know if I necessarily am looking to date. I am pretty happy on my own. But I’d like the possibility. What do you think? Girls, is confidence key in a date? And anyone, do you think FA affects your confidence-level?

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      As a guy. Disability or not. Be confident and be yourself. That is if you want a long term relationship. Not being yourself Springs surprises later in relationships and is almost never a good thing.

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      And to add as far as FA is concerned. My wife let me know right away That meeting in a neutral place(which usually is a good idea cause you likely don’t really know the person) is very difficult if not impossible for someone disabled and in a wheelchair. But if you want a, relationship you have to take the risk just like anything you want to accomplish in life.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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