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      I have a few pairs of compression socks I have on me at all times. Whenever my feet start cramping or I notice my ankles are swollen they offer instant relief. I especially love them on airplanes because that’s when my feet swell the most.

      Do you wear compression socks? Do they help you? What brand(s) do you prefer?

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      @frankie-perazzola I don’t wear compression socks. But do you think they will help with purple feet associated with FA? This happens to me, especially in the winter.

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        Maybe! I’ve never experienced purple feet myself.

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      I wear men’s compression socks on long trips. Physix Gear is my favorite brand and I have been a fan of it for more than two years. I flew from Arizona to New Orleans and it took several hours each time. Compression socks kept my feet and ankles from swelling.

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