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      When it comes to navigating different weather, I noticed that my body operates better in warmer weather. My joints and bones freeze up in the cold and that causes my body extra stress. It’s something I’ve had to keep track of over the years but I recognize I don’t operate my best in colder weather.

      How about you? What kind of weather do you do best in? What do you prefer?

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      Grant Lile

      Warm weather for sure. Even though I’m dressing in thicker clothing for Fall and Winter temperatures, there are times in the day when I go outside and feel the cool air tightening up my joints. I do aqua therapy in warm water. I’m not sure how I would do in cold water.

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      Isabelle Desmarais

      It is exactly as you both describe. I’m living in Québec,Canada so you may imagine how winter time is hard for me.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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