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      Lately, I have been noticing that my urgency to use the restroom has been very frequent. I am not embarrassed to say that I have had a few accidents because I couldn’t control myself.

      Conditions  of the bladder is a symptom of FA. Does anyone else have bladder control issues and how do you manage it?

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      My wife takes oxybutynin. She still has the occasional accident, usually it’s when our schedule gets messed up. Her diabetes does influence it as well, if her sugar levels are too low in the morning she can’t go like she should and that usually makes the urgency in the afternoon come earlier.

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      Jonathan Dews

      Hi. I used to take oxybutinin tablets to help control my bladder. They helped but made my mouth very dry. Last year I saw a Urologist and he proscribed micrabegron to be taken in combination with tamsulosin. They are more effective and make my mouth less dry. I live in England but I guess the same drugs are available in the US.

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      @toolman @Jonathan-dews thank you for sharing what works best! Both of you have mentioned oxybutinin. It sounds promising and I will definitely look into it!

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