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      Being a pre-teen or teenager is tough, but add to the mix Friedreich’s ataxia, and that really ratches things up a notch. Click here to read Lauryn Smith’s column about her daughter’s experience as a junior high student with a disability.

      What was high school like for you? Do you think it was harder because of your disability?

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      I didn’t start noticing FA symptoms until I was a junior in highschool. It was confusing and frustarting because I would stumble and fall a lot and I would become tired easily. I thought I was a clumsy teenager but it turns out it was the start of my FA journey.

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      For me high school sucked but to be fair there were great moments. I was diagnosed in freshman year so in that was bad timing. I had to struggle with walking around campus so I eventually started to use a wheelchair. It was defective a trip and crap you have to deal with and I often want to go back. God willing I still have more years to grow not just physically but as a person.

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