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      Recently, my neurologist suggested taking baclofen at nighttime to help reduce my leg spasms. I take a small dose, but it has been helping me combined with my pain medicine, Gabapentin and a CBD gummy. All three help me sleep throughout the night.

      Does anyone else take baclofen for muscle spasms? How does it help you?

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      David Riley

      Hi; I have tried baclofen and cannot take it. Even at the lowest dose, and if I cut it in half then a fourth – I loose muscle tone and it effects me even the next day.

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      @davidr were you given any other alternative to try that has helped you?

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      David Riley

      I was given no other thing. But I will tell you what helps me the most – yoga before bed. I don’t walk any more, so there a certain things to difficult, but if you have enough stability, it should be no problem. I would have an evening routine where I’d do stuff like downward facing dog, hold it for three minutes. I still do the streches I can. But no drug can ever take the place of the relief I feel in my muscles and tendons, and it helps my quality of sleep.

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      @davidr I’m glad to hear that yoga is a great alternative and is helping you!

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      Renee Papachriston

      I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Baclofen. Initially, even a small dose would make me clumsy and I didn’t feel it helped. A few years later, I started having sleepless nights with “restless legs”. I gave Baclofen another try, taking it before bed, and it has helped immensely.

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      @reneep I’m glad it helps you now! It relieves my restless legs too, I can’t imagine falling asleep without it.

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