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      Matt Lafleur

      Maybe I am getting too old, but I love rides at amusement parks. Being in a wheelchair complicates that. Is there a way you’ve figured out to get on rides? (I am talking about at small fairs – not big theme parks.) Or do you skip the rides? Basically, how do FAers have fun at amusement parks?

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      I love rides too. At a lot of parks I’m told to go in at the exit. This is excellent as we can avoid the queues! It used to be as simple as if I can transfer to the seat then I can go on the ride (my wheelchair was looked after by the attendant and ready there at the exit when the ride was over). Recently at larger theme parks they will not let me go on any ride I cannot get off on my own in the event of an evacuation. That’s almost all of them! Not sure if they are concerned for me or potential litigation. Not sure if it’s different here in the UK but it’s definitely harder than it used to be.

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      Ryan Slade

      I loved amusement parks as a kid, but I haven’t gone in a long time! Guess that will change soon as I have a 3 year old boy.

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      I live near the big ones in Orlando. And I have kids. Do I participate? Yes. The kids love the rides and the experiences and the souvenirs and food and blah, blah, blah…I do NOT. Why? COST. Sure, I get escorted to the ride through the exit (in a rusty, over-sized wheelchair — can’t use my own), which is fine. Then I crawl and climb onto the roller coaster seat. It’s fun.

      But people on vacation are rude, and people are EVERYWHERE. You feel like you’re in a herd of cattle being moved around from one part of the ranch to another. Whatever. Mainly it’s the cost-benefit ratio. In my opinion, it’s a slaughterhouse. When you’re in charge of the household budget, a lot of this looks like one rip off after another.

      “Oh, but think about the children, Jonathan, and their wonderful smiles!” Yeah. No. There’s countless other activities to do that are way, way more affordable. If money, though, isn’t your concern, then go for it. Getting on and off rides might be tricky and uncomfortable, but at least you’re not paying for it.

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      Phoebe Pattinson

      Hi there Matt! 
      Age does not matter when it comes to loving something. Amusement theme parks should have integrated a special care/treatment service or more like a park for disabled people where they can mostly enjoy the whole rides without worrying. Going there should be a lot of fun and experience.

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