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      Matt Lafleur

      Handwriting seems to be one of the most common areas of struggle in our lives as FA patients.

      It is very difficult for me to write. My writing is barely legible.

      Are there any kinds of writing equipment that make it easier for you to write legibly?

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      Not necessarily for writing because she no longer can, but I attached a stylus to a stretchy (fancy) hair band with some strong string and she wears the hair band on her wrist (loose fitting) as a bracelet so she doesn’t drop it. Since over 90% of what she is able to do anymore involves her phone or kindle it is a necessity for her. We tried a lanyard type deal around her neck but that was more uncomfortable for her and seemed to interfere with activities too much.

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      Speaking of writing…
      A little news flash most don’t know.
      Since my wife no longer can write we had a ink stamp made for her to “sign” her name with. The ADA states that it is legally binding for someone to use a stamp who can’t write. We were also told by an attorney that is so. But yet many places will not accept it as a signature.
      Extremely frustrating. Especially when it is nearly impossible for her to hold a pen up enough to even scribble a “signature”.
      She uses her stylus kind of sideways on her phone and kindle and to try to write with a pen sideways just don’t work. Pens aren’t made to do that.
      To not be able to write and to have places put her through the embarrassment and break federal law is sickening.

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      Oh and before “attaching” the stylus to her(before the doctor tried to kill her) . I took some JB weld (clay like substance that gets extremely hard when it dries) and made a ball and put it near the tip of her stylus, an ink pen, fork, and spoon so she had something to grip. Worked great. She was able to somewhat write and she could eat by herself much easier.
      Side note : She had some silverware that had big soft rubber grips on them kinda like bicycle handlebar grips. She never liked them. I took one of them off and made an insert for it and she has used it as her joystick on her wheelchair for 5 years now after trying just about every type made including a couple I made. It is mounted sideways like a T.

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