My Parking Placard Is an Essential Tool in My Everyday Life

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by Christina Cordaro |

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When a person lives with a chronic illness, such as Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), they will do anything to find shortcuts and ways to make life’s daily activities easier. Taking the shorter walk home or taking breaks between events, for instance, keeps them from feeling fatigued.

After my diagnosis of FA, I applied for a parking placard for people with disabilities. I don’t have my driver’s license, but whenever I was using a car as my mode of transportation, my driver could utilize the reserved parking spots located directly outside of buildings. Since the progression of my disease is slow and I am still walking, albeit with assistance, this has been very helpful and life-changing.

Over the past seven years of clinically living with FA, I have gone through the transitions of using two different medical assistance devices: a cane and a rollator. Within the first two years of being diagnosed, I noticed that walking was becoming a problem for me, and I would tire easily while trying to keep a steady balance. Therefore, my dad looked into applying for the placard.


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