Somi Igbene, PhD, science writer —

Somi graduated from Imperial College London in 2011 with a PhD in cellular and molecular immunology. She worked as a medical writer at several medical communications agencies in London, including Core Medica. Besides science writing, Somi works as a registered associate nutritionist, helping adults and children improve their diets to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Articles by Somi Igbene

CrCEST Imaging Tool May Detect Mitochondrial Function in Muscles

Creatine chemical exchange saturation transfer or CrCEST, a metabolic imaging tool, may be a valuable technique for detecting mitochondrial function across muscles in people with Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), a new study found. To date, CrCEST has not been used to assess mitochondrial capacity in people with FA. “CrCEST MRI…