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     Frankie Perazzola 

    BPM is beats per minute in a song. On top of a playlist that I wont skip through, I like to have upbeat music to listen to while working out. One trick or simply an observation I had is that my body naturally keeps up with the tempo.

    For example, if I am doing bicep curls, my motion matches with the music. Any song over 170 BPM is ideal for me. I find the drums or bass and stick with that for the duration of the song.

    Other than feeling happier about the quality of my workout, sticking with this method  helps me get through my desired number of repetitions which overall makes me feel good.

    Does anyone else do this? Would you try this method?

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    I used to listen to music when working out in martial arts. Music definitely helps keep a rythym going.
    Related to that….. I used to do my martial arts on different terrain like hills, sand, and very helpful was doing it in water/swimming pool or lake. In water you can more easily tell if you are moving correctly…. Do it right and it’s easier to move, do it wrong and it’s harder to move, And that works whether it’s for martial arts or not.

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    Good rythym in working out is extremely good because you can work out longer without getting tired out as easy. Long distance runners know this….. They start a pace/rythym and as long as they can keep that pace they can go farther.

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     Jesus Rodriguez 

    I listen to upbeat music too. I haven’t tried bpm but I’ll give it a try!

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       Jesus Rodriguez 

      I listen to mostly everything but right now I listen to NF. If you make a playlist I would give it a listen.

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