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      Many people believe the stereotype of marijuana users always being lazy, airheaded and extremely chill. To some extent, I agree but I feel like those of the people who smoke all day, every day.

      Sometimes I do smoke all day but by no means do I fall under that stereotype. A lot of people aren’t like that either. The movies aren’t everything!

      Some people may not smoke because it is uncomfortable for them or they just prefer a different method. Edibles are a great substitute for those who want to feel the effects but not smell or go through the process of smoking.

      Personally, I prefer smoking because sometimes the potency of edibles can be a guessing game. Especially with stuff that is homemade. If you are a first timer, I would suggest getting an edible from your local dispensary or anything with the instructions and the ingredients on it. It will include the proper dosage and recommended the amount you should ingest. I highly recommend following those directions.

      How often do you smoke or ingest? Can you handle a lot or do you only smoke small amounts? What’s your frequency?

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