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      Katie Griffith

      The holiday season is full of emotions. It seems to bring what’s under the surface to the top. While the media portrays it as the most wonderful time of the year, for many people, it isn’t. Having a loved one who lives with a life-altering disability like FA is a heavy load to bear. Comparison can cause us to have discontent with our circumstances. When the thief of comparison tries to steal my joy, there are some things I remind myself of that can help. Listing 3 things I’m thankful for, no matter how small, can be grounding. Also, taking a break from social media clears my head and helps me realize that my present realities aren’t quite as bad as they seem. What are some ways that help you stay positive during the holidays?

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      This is Melinda Younes I am texting you to let you know I don’t have Freidreichs Ataxia. I do have Ataxia but I have Parkinson’s. I seen a neurologist that specializes in movement disorders. She is positive I have Parkinson’s with Ataxia. I am so glad to hear about Freidreichs Ataxia and I have have been very vocal about y’all here in Georgia and Tennessee. No one in these areas had never heard of Freidreichs. So I am praying that this has been more exposure to Freidreichs. All you guys are very blessed special to us all me and everyone that I have told. I even been to 3 hospitals for different issues and they had never heard of this. I pray more places in all these places will hear and more will donate to Freidreichs. I would like to keep the news letter and FA app if I can. My oldest daughter works at a large hospital in Nashville and have been interested in this disease look it up and learned something new. God Bless you all I know a little more than I had ever heard of.


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        Katie Griffith

        Thanks for the update, Melinda! We are glad you are a part of this forum and that it has been helpful to you 🙂

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