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      Matt Lafleur

      Let’s talk about one of my favorite things- coffee.

      A common symptom of FA is fatigue. Do you have fatigue, and does coffee or some other high-energy boost help? If so, what kind do you drink/eat/take and how many times a day?

      To be honest, I don’t suffer from fatigue. That shows the absolute randomness of FA. However, I love the taste of coffee so I drink one every morning. Typically, I like the Java Monster drinks, because they are packed with vitamins and actually pretty low on sugar. (Don’t judge me.)

      How about you? Do you drink coffee? What kind and how often? And if you don’t, what do you get for an energy boost, if anything?

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      I don’t drink coffee because my stomach can’t handle it for some reason. For energy i love to work out and go outside and go 3 or 2 blocks around in my chair. I drink vitamin D3 and drink alot of water that seems to help me.

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      I can’t tell if I have FAtigue or if I’m just being overworked because of grad school. It’s probably both, lol.

      I’ve never had coffee though… I don’t like the idea of relying on an external source of energy. My thoughts might change over time hahaha, but for now i just try to rest when I need it and stay as active as possible so I don’t have time to acknowledge that I’m tired.

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      Matt Lafleur

      Dang it, you healthy people. Meanwhile, I just had a mug of coffee-milk.

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