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      Matt Lafleur

      Fatigue seems to be a very common issue for someone with Friedreich’s ataxia.Although I don’t take naps during the day, I seem to  require a large quantity of sleep.

      I get to bed around 10:30 and wake up at 7:00, so about 8.5 hours. That’s a lot, it seems to me; maybe that’s why I don’t take naps.

      How about others with FA? What time do you typically go to bed and wake up? Do you take naps during the day?

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      I go to bed at 11:00 pm and wake up at 8:00 am. I do take a nap during the day only for an hour or 30 min or sometimes 20 minutes. Usually I take a nap after I workout and my workouts are 40 to an hour long. It helps me to refresh myself too so that seems to help.

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      Have you been checked for diabetes? When my wife’s sugar is too high she is tired more often. From what I understand diabetes is common with FA. When she has her sugar under control she sleeps about 7-8 hours and is fine most of the time. One medication she is on requires at least 7 hours of sleep after taking. Being active really helps also believe it or not. To a point being active helps alieviate tiredness and helps you to get a better night’s sleep so you don’t get tired during the day. If she doesn’t make herself do something everyday I make her. It’s not just the exercise it’s just doing something to keep yourself alert. Just getting outside and cruising up the sidewalk in her wheelchair. Going to visit a neighbor/friend. Sit in front of her aquarium and laugh at silly things her fish does. Etc. Etc. (I put together 2 large, 1-55gallon and 1-75 gallon with a working sand waterfall, both with live plants). Doing things like reading or watching TV seems to make her more tired. When I was gone getting our trailer/home built she said she slept about 10 hours a night and napped a lot because all she could do is sit in her room and play on her phone and kindle because no one would let her do anything. No one would take care of her aquariums so she watched her fish start dying and depressed her so she couldn’t even do that.
      Hope this helps.

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